The Vegetarian Guide to Diet and Salad

The Vegetarian Guide to Diet & Salad

The Vegetarian Guide to Diet and Salad

Conversations on what constitutes good health and nutrition, makes an interesting topic to listen to, people quote an unknown authority on nutrition called, ‘that person’ or ‘they said’. The conversation normally goes, ‘that person’ or ‘they said’ ……. But on enquiring as to who ‘that person’ or ‘they’ are and as to where they got their profound wisdom, it then becomes clear that these are just tales going around, maybe from generations. So we have been depending upon ‘that person’ or ‘they said’, for the wisdom on what constitutes basic health and nutrition.

Dr Walker says, “Nature has provided man with all the basic means with which to build his body from birth to old age to a state of maximum health, which includes the joy of living with abundant energy, vigor and vitality, and a happy long span of life. This past century has spawned a vast number of research, manufacturing and marketing organizations whose sole aim is the profit to be derived from a perversion of natural foods cheaply manufactured and sold at the highest price that traffic will bear. The uninformed gullible public, unaware of what constitutes basic, natural, correct nutrition, has accepted sales indoctrination and misinformation, and buys its food blindly, utterly unaware of the fact that instead of nourishing the body constructively, such food may actually cause a chain reaction of degenerating processes.

Light, at last, is perhaps beginning to manifest. The youth of today is searching for a means to overcome this deception. People who have spent a lifetime steeped in the fallacy that drugs, pills and hypodermic injections are cure-alls, people who have habitually, sometimes for years on end, made needless visits to offices in which they had vainly pinned their hopes and faith. Many of these people who never dreamed of arguing the fallacy of their expectations, are today, to their utter surprise and amazement, finding that Nature's simple means to achieve health are the Creator's medicine for what ails us.

The title ‘A Vegetarian Guide to Diet & Salad’ is insufficient to justify the contents of this book. Infact, the book is a treatise on what constitutes correct nutrition and how and why to eat correctly. The book embodies both the theory as well as its implementation in an effortless and free flowing manner.

In this book Dr Walker explains in a simple yet adequate manner the anatomy of the human body, its functioning and its requirements to sustain vitality and good health. There are also numerous examples on how to prepare salads, and what to eat for the different meals in a day. For those who eat cooked foods (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian), there is the Food Control Guide or what can also be termed as Food Combining Guide. The Encyclopaedia of Vegetable, Fruits etc. contains just the right amount of information on the nutritional benefits of several foods.