Back To The Land For Self-Preservation

Back To The Land...
For Self-Preservation

Back To The Land For Self-Preservation

When we take a break from our daily routines to be on a retreat close to nature, in a green atmosphere, where the chirping of birds and the noises of insects, the soothing sound of a brook, good clean fresh air, along with the silence and peace, makes us feel rejuvenated. On returning to our daily lives in the city, fast-paced and stressed, we long again for that tranquillity that so eludes us.

This book is an insight for those desiring to live a slow-paced, peaceful and healthy life in the wonderful countryside. Dr. Walker experienced that by living in the countryside, one does not suffer the time tensions so often faced by people living in cities. He exclaimed that, “The pace of modern living is responsible for the most prolific ailment of the present day, namely: premature old age.”

Pollution in cities is responsible for many ailments such as coughs, colds, bronchitis, asthma, TB, pneumonia, cancer etc. Pollution saps away our vitality, slowly but surely. We so often complain that the city is polluted, yet our obligations do not allow us to live in the environment best suited for our wellbeing and health. Dr Walker said, “The difference between an aged person who is young and an aged person who is old, is primarily clean air.”

Suggestion: Though out of print, this book is available through resellers on Amazon and maybe other sites.