Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices, what’s missing in your body

Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices,
what’s missing in your body?

Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juices, what’s missing in your body

Dr Walker affirms, “Don’t fear decrepit old age - drink lots of Vegetable Juices”

This book reveals in simple language the etymology or the root cause of more than 160 ailments and also the juice formulas which aid in rejuvenating or restoring one’s health. Many ailments for which no explicit explanations exists even today, have been clearly and simply described by Dr. Walker many decades ago. Based on the Nature’s Law, the philosophies expounded by Dr Walker are a timeless truth. By understanding the root cause of an ailment, one is also able to correlate food and lifestyle habits that causes ill health. The result is that it immediately brings clarity in one’s thinking and proper direction in one’s actions.

This book also explains the necessity of juices in the diet. Many questions will arise in one’s mind: Why not just eat the vegetables? What kind of juices to drink and why? Do we drink juices with fiber or without? Are juices concentrated foods? How much juice should one drink in a day? What kind of juicer to use and why?

Vegetable and fruits are organic chemicals, when their juices are extracted and combined correctly, they have a powerful therapeutic action on the body, they both heal as well as maintain good health. Dr Walker also revealed, ”To overcome a great deal of the necessary time or period of rejuvenation, we have found that fresh raw vegetable juices, properly made from good quality vegetables, help to speed up the process.” The book covers the subject on each vegetable juice, their therapeutic uses and benefits.

There are many topics of interest, let us take for example that of the ordinary cold. For centuries scientists have been searching for a bug that causes a cold, but after spending billions of dollars, they haven’t yet discovered one. What causes a cold? Dr Walker’s revelation on this topic as well many others, such as cancer, diabetes, TB, pneumonia etc. are an eye opener.

Then there is the topic on cow’s milk, which is erroneously deemed to be one of the most complete foods. Milk is infact the highest mucous forming substance in the human diet. When one reads the particular topic that has thoroughly been explained, it will be more of a shock than a surprise as to how we have been misled into believing this falsehood.

Are you planning to create ulcers in your body with the kind of vinegar that you are consuming, or do you want a vinegar that alkalises and builds the body? What vinegar to have and why, is a revealing topic on one of the most commonly used condiments.

Women who want to bear a hale and hearty child naturally and with ease, should go ahead with assurance that they can do so. First and foremost, carefully study Dr. Walker’s books and give enough time to be fit before conceiving.

This is also a marvellous book for the medical community to read, whichever field of medicine they might be in, it will bolster their knowledge and benefit their patients.