Use Natural Fabrics

The clothes that people wear have a great bearing on their health. In warm weather, it is conducive to wear clothing made out of natural and lightweight materials such as cotton, linen etc. as they allow the skin to breathe. Even in severe winters as experienced in the Himalayas, people protect themselves from the cold with woollen garments made out of local sheep wool. Bed linen and blankets or comforters should as far as possible be made from natural fibers.

Consequences of Wearing High Heels

Women are wearing high heels to look taller as well as chic, but they need to ask themselves whether making a style statement at the cost of their health is worth it. Wearing high heels throws every bone from head to foot out of alignment, putting excessive pressure on all the nerves, muscles and organs. So catastrophic is the result of wearing high heels that it leads to distorted and prolapsed organs. Simply put, it means a complete disintegration of all the bones, muscles and tissues in the body, yet wearing high heels is rarely ever attributed as the root cause of such problems. Adapted from ‘Become Younger’ by Dr.N.W.Walker

Healthy Footwear Options

While selecting footwear, factors such as comfort, proper fit and support, and durability should be kept in mind. Sandals and slippers having no more than half inch heels are the most healthy and sensible of all footwear options. If feet are not allowed to breathe, toxins and heavier poisons that gravitate towards the lower limbs will be reabsorbed into the system. Excessive perspiration, flat feet and athlete’s foot can be the resultant afflictions. Adapted from ‘Become Younger’ by Dr.N.W.Walker

Body Piercings

The custom of puncturing and decorating the human body with various pieces of jewellery has been prevalent for thousands of years. Piercing the body is an unnatural act and the creator never intended those holes to be made. Don’t go beyond the extent of piercing your earlobes, and definitely avoid burdening them with heavy earrings. However, taking this practice of piercing the body further is not at all advisable. The best way to beautify your body is by having glowing skin, glossy hair, sparkling eyes, and a cheerful countenance, and this can be achieved by following a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Think Twice Before You Tattoo

To quote Karen L. Hudson, “For most of us, deciding whether or not to get a tattoo or piercing is simply a matter of personal choice. But for some, getting the desired body modification could adversely affect their well-being. Many in these situations are tempted to ignore the possible hazards and go for it anyway. I think many body art fans can empathize with a fellow enthusiast longing for ink or a piercing, despite the fact it could cause them harm. But empathy aside, there is just no substitute for common sense. For those who don't have any, consider this a wake-up call.”

Tattoos can cause temporary to permanent allergies and itching of the skin; in fact, they could cause various other skin problems and blood-borne diseases. Dyes used to make tattoo ink can consist of various toxic substances, which may include iron oxides (rust), metal salts, and plastics, whereas homemade or traditional tattoo inks may contain pen ink, soot, dirt, blood or other ingredients.
Source: Wikipedia

Nature Beautifies Best

Beauty parlours, hair salons and spas are springing up everywhere fuelled by the growing beauty business, and people are spending millions to enhance their looks by using an eclectic array of cosmetics and toiletries that are available today. However, true beauty comes from within and no cosmetics match the beauty of a person glowing with health and vitality. Nutritious food and an internally clean body play a major role in maintaining supple, glowing skin, silky hair and strong nails, while exercising increases muscle tone and endurance. Natural foods make the best ingredients for beauty care products and some wonderful home remedies are listed below:

  • Cold pressed coconut, almond, olive, avocado and other cold pressed oils are the best for a head, face and body massage.
  • Aloe Vera makes a good shampoo and shaving cream.
  • Lemon & apple cider vinegar are a wonderful astringent, along with orange juice, it can used to cleanse the face. Use some of the lemon and orange juice in the morning while using it. Let it dry and then wash with plain water.
  • Avocado makes a good moisturiser, use the peels to rub it on your face, leave it for a while and wash with plain water.
  • Apple cider vinegar is an excellent application for dark varicose veins, cuts, wounds and scars.
  • In a wound that is bleeding a lot, put turmeric powder, cover with cloth and tie if necessary.
  • Cucumber slices soothe tired eyes.

Natural Beauty Products

You can also find natural beauty products in the market which are made from the finest organic ingredients and are free from harsh chemicals. Natural means, ‘as Nature intended it to be’. However, the word ‘natural’ is abused by manufacturers who put one or two natural ingredients in the products, but also add many other processed or even synthetic chemicals to them. If you find ingredients on products that you cannot pronounce or understand, then do a web search for their harmful effects before buying them. Opt for pure, natural products as they lower your exposure to toxic accumulations in the body.

Beware of Toxic Cosmetics & Toiletries

Toxic substances in the atmosphere, water and in our foods adversely affect our lives and make us sick. Cosmetics contain detrimental matter that increase the toxic load in our body and thereby compromise our health. Harmful chemicals from conditioners, shampoos, moisturizers, deodorants, mascaras etc. are readily absorbed by the skin, and poison the entire system.

One of the fallouts of using lipsticks is liver damage and women are ingesting them with impunity.

Perspiration serves two purposes: it helps maintain body temperature and eliminates waste matter from the body. Deodorant sprays are even extremely dangerous as they inhibit the natural process of perspiration.

Perfume Caution

Perfumes and colognes contain pernicious chemicals that harm both the user and the bystander alike. Alcohol vapors in perfumes get tightly packed into the air sacs of the lungs, inhibiting the intake of fresh air; these noxious fumes rapidly enter our bloodstream and adversely affect our health.

Fancy parties and weddings are actually toxic environments filled with vapors from perfumes, cosmetics and tobacco. The smoke from heated fats and oils being cooked at the venue only adds to the air contamination.

Invest In Health

One can unequivocally state that money spent on organic foods, natural cosmetics and appliances that are health-enhancing and environmentally-friendly, is money well invested.