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How To Quit Smoking In 35 Days?


Firstly, you must have a desire, an intense desire with mind and body to give up smoking. You can either quit with intense desire or intense shock when you get a fatal disease, better do it with the former. If you so desire, you can get up the next morning and would have quit smoking.

Secondly, you must be fully convinced that it is for their own good health. A heart-attack, cancer or some other fatal disease is likely sooner than later in life because of smoking.

Thirdly, form a ‘Support Group’ of 1 to 3 people with whom you can talk to when the urge to smoke becomes strong. Also, get the ‘Support Group’ to monitor your daily progress.

Fourthly, make an oath to the Creator or to yourself, also to your family and friends that you will give up smoking by the end of 35 days.

Fifthly, keep just the exact number of cigarettes with you every day, not a single extra one.

Sixthly, fix a day to start ‘The ‘Formula’ not later than 4 days, and do not change the date, this is very important.

The Formula: Do not cheat yourself, otherwise it will not work.

If one is smoking say 10 cigarettes a day,

  1. 1 to 5 days reduce 5 cigarettes by 25%, (always from the first day). Continue smoking remaining 5 cigarettes fully.
  2. 6 to 10 days reduce another 5 cigarettes by 25%, i.e. totally 10 cigarettes by 25% less.
  3. 11 to 15 days reduce 5 cigarettes to 50%, continue smoking remaining 5 cigarettes at 25% less.
  4. 16 to 20 days reduce another 5 cigarettes to 50%, i.e. totally 10 cigarettes by 50%.
  5. 21 to 25 days smoke only 5 cigarettes at 50%.
  6. 26 to 30 days smoke only 3 cigarettes at 50%.
  7. 31 to 35 days smoke only 2 cigarettes at 50%.
  8. 36th day, free of cigarette smoking,
        Free of being addicted to smoking,
        Free of being a smoking slave,
        Free of smoking related cancer.
        Free of bad breath and body odour.
        Happy person, family & friends.
  9. Thank the creator for a new beginning and vow never to start smoking again.

Pointers For 35 Days

  1. Every time there is doubt, assert faith in yourself and the creator, pray, meditate.
  2. Visualize several times a day being a smoke-free person, full of energy and happiness.
  3. A habit is a past repeated action, a new habit is a new repeated action, begin now.
  4. Every time an urge arises, tell yourself that it is a temporary sensation and that it will pass by.
  5. Try to postpone smoking when an urge arises. If you smoked every 2 hours, postpone by 1 hour to every 3 hours.
  6. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy, drink enough water, & sleep on time, it will provide the energy to combat urges.
  7. Do physical activities: games, sports, walking, swimming, cycling, hiking etc.
  8. Read empowering books, watch movies, and pursue hobbies, keep yourself occupied.
  9. Stay away from smoke filled areas, also avoid friends who smoke.
  10. Celebrate ‘Smoke Free Person’ on the 36th day with family and friends.
  11. Lastly, clear out the stale smoke smell from the house, change linen & air it out.


Read these three times a day, & make your own too:

  1. I am strong and confident and with the help of the Creator or faith in myself I am capable of achieving all my goals.
  2. Thank you for this magnificent intelligent mind & body that I posses, I will always treat it as the greatest treasure with love and respect.
  3. Thank you for this wonderful life, I feel empowered to make the most out of it.
  4. I am full of energy, happiness and contentment.
  5. It is a beautiful day and I am looking to make the best out of it.

Best Friends:

Your success depends upon on each of these friends:

  1. Intense Desire: maintain it through out.
  2. Self-Conviction: have full confidence.
  3. Support Group: seek them.
  4. God or Creator or Belief in Oneself: have complete faith.
  5. Formula: don’t cheat on it.
  6. New Habit: cultivate it.
  7. Healthy Lifestyle: live it.
  8. Visualizing: imagine it.
  9. Physical Activity: make it a daily routine.
  10. Hobby: enjoy it.
  11. Affirmations: practice them daily.